• Wedding Days


Your wedding is a really big deal and you want it to be a special day to remember.

But wedding planning can be daunting, expensive and a stressful time – when really it should be easy to organise your special day. With SamProjects onboard it will be that easy, we promise.

Our Expertise

We provide Lighting, Sound, Staging and Decor to any scale of wedding, on any budget – plus all the staff you need to set it up and operate it.

Our PA systems can discreetly amplify speeches and ambient music, and still be able to handle that DJ or band you have booked.

Our lighting will add the right mood for the reception and then we’ll dazzle your party goers with our disco rigs that work for all tastes and styles.

Our Promise

As we’re a small company with a big punch, we love to make small weddings feel big and big weddings feel easy.

Whatever you want your big day to be, we can let you eat your cake and have it.

Just drop us a line and we’ll get right on it.

Make contact and see how we can help